Elvis returns to the building in Gardnerville

Elvis returned to the building 10-fold yesterday in Gardnerville, as the Flying Elvi skydiving team from “Honeymoon in Vegas” parachuted into the very tree-and-pole-cluttered parking lot of the Carson Valley Inn in Gardnerville, Nevada for its 26th anniversary celebration before thousands of spectators.

My  friend Suzanne awaits:



The first Elvis approaches a parking lot dangerously cluttered with trees and light poles:


The first Elvis approaches the building.

The return of the King.



Some came in amazingly fast, touching down running at close to 40mph,  despite having to dodge a considerable number obstacles.



A fan gets a hug:


Fans had one of 10 Elvises to choose from for a hug.

After greeting fans they put on a mini-revue:


I’d have to say, though, the team members are picked more for their skydiving than their stage skills.