Is KSL really going to pave over Squaw Valley?

I’ve been skiing  Squaw skier since 1980.  I was not at all happy about the original development plan which pretty much eliminated day-use parking and some historical Olympic buildings. However, the revised plan eliminated about 1/3 of the development and is probably what they were shootinfor anyway and looks ok to me.  In fact, if the new retail included, say, a Trader Joes’s (hint,hint) I might even get enthusiastic.   However,  anticipating the usual overblown rhetoric about “development filling the valley” or “paving over the valley” I though a cartographic overview would put things in better perspective.   This is a topo of all of Squaw Valley overlayed with the a map of the proposed new construction overlayed with the new structures in orange:



Note that very little of it is on virgin ground but is essentially redevelopment of the existing, and quite ugly parking lot.

  • John Reece

    Photoshopped, eh?

  • John Severin