Tahoe June Update: NOW is the time to paddle Emerald Bay or Truckee River

Lots of people assume that as of Memorial Day Lake Tahoe is already filled to the brim with tourists and outdoor recreationists.   Actually the real  rush doesn’t come until the high country melts out about the week before July 4.   So now’s the time to do two paddling trips that can be seriously impacted by crowding when they do arrive in force.

Floating the Truckee River:  The float trip operators ARE renting and midweek a few people were floating down despite the drought and somewhat low water levels.   I doubt sufficent water levels  will persist past 4th of July so now’s the time.

Paddling Emerald Bay: Only about a third of the Lake Tahoe  buoys have boats attached so the likelihood  of dealing with a huge power boat armada is sharply reduced.   Stilll plan on an early morning departure from Baldwin Beach SP  or Bliss SP to avoid the wind and the power boat crush.  They usually start to kick up just before noon.   Note that while leaving from Bliss means a longer trip there’s a bald eagle nesting atop a very prominent dead tree near the Rubicon lighthouse to check out.