Yosemite National Park drops plans to ban bike and raft rentals

So says the Mercury News.     The plan also provided for eliminating horse rentals, an historic bridge, and the swimming pools and ice rink.  The bridge and pools will remain, the horses will go.   The River campgrounds flooded in 1997 will be partially brought back after a mere 17 years of delay.

This brouhaha came about when two small activist groups sued over the Merced  River Plan and the Wild and Scenic River designation, which was intended to stop dams outside the park, to force the park to restore the river within the valley to their definition of wild pristineness and eliminate some rather minor visitor services and amenities they found aesthetically objectionable.

Curiously, they were most opposed to a plan to build a parking lot in the western part of the valley for a mandatory shuttle system, like at Zion NP, to get cars out of the rest of the valley alltogether.

I guess the public outcry was too much.